24 Hour Electrician

Have you ever been caught out in an electrical emergency?

Whether it be a power outage, an appliance has short-circuited or something more serious – the team at Morris Infrastructure Group are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An electrical emergency refers to the loss of power within your home, where the power becomes unsafe or causes an electrical shock.

4 Common types of electrical emergencies

  1. A failing wire - This includes; old, loose and/ or damaged wires.
  2. Overloaded power outlets
  3. Reoccurring problems – If you’re experiencing an electrical issue for longer than an hour on any one appliance it is suggested that you seek professional support.
  4. Power outages – Caused by a significant fault, brown outs (temporary drop in voltage) or black outs (the total loss of power within a specific area)

Signs of an Electrical Fire

  • Consistently recurring flickering of lights and/ or is accompanied by buzzing
  • Breakers are tripping or refuse to re-engage
  • You notice or smell burnt wires within your home
  • Wires or appliances generate mild or moderate electrical shocks

How to handle an electrical emergency

  • Power surges – as soon as the power goes out be sure to unplug all electrical appliances, only plugging appliances in once power has safely been restored.
  • Overloaded circuits – signs that your circuit is overloaded include; constantly tripped circuit breakers, discoloration around the plugs, evidence of smoke.
  • Arcing electricity – Refers to damaged electrical chords which may result in fires. Be sure to shut off electricity from the main circuit board.

At Morris Infrastructure Group we pride ourselves on providing a cost-efficient, timely and reliable service. We offer 24-hour call out services to mobilise remote areas under fault conditions to restore power to customers in a time effective and cost-efficient manner.

If you’re experiencing an electrical emergency contact the team at Morris Infrastructure Group on 0400 225 885.

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