Mates In Construction

The Situation: Construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than an incident at work.

Mates in Construction is a charity initiative to reduce the level of suicide amongst Australian Construction workers.

Subject:  Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Fact:  Every second day we lose a member of the construction industry to suicide. That’s 190 Australians too many!

Introducing Mates in Construction

Mates in Construction is a charity run by a team of dedicated people committed to spreading awareness and generating conversations to help individuals within the construction industry overcome the highly transient environment.

Mates in Construction’s Vision

Is to be Australia’s leading industry suicide prevention organisation.

Their Mission

  • To raise awareness – Through training, MATES Events and toolbox talks.
  • Capacity building – To actively engage the industry with programs, networking and community events within the workplace.
  • Providing Help – Connect workers to help through existing services which are both practical and useful.
  • Research – Gather data to provide insightful and practical information.


  • Proactive and Responsive
  • Supportive and Non-judgemental
  • Committed and Dependable
  • Honest and Respectable

Truth: Mates in Construction WA to date have managed approximately 1453 cases.

What it’s all about!

Mates in Construction are a charity that have been operating since 2008 with a big mission to raise awareness about mental health and well-being within the construction industry through tailored programs.

At Morris Infrastructure Group we care highly about our mates in the construction industry.

The team at Morris Infrastructure Group are committed to working with Mates in Construction - spreading awareness of suicide prevention within the construction industry and acknowledging hardships through supportive, community environments where conversations and training take place.

Mates in Construction Perth