MIG Overhead Network Distribution

What causes a power outage?

There are several reasons to a power outage including, interceptions, faults and natural causes.

Stormy weather causes high winds which can influence surrounding objects and vegetation – resulting in fallen powerlines and outages to overhead distribution networks otherwise commonly referred to as above ground powerlines.

Private Powerlines Defined

A private powerline is described as any pole and/ or wires that sit within the boundary of your property are your meter box. This could be wooden or steel poles going to other dwellings or buildings on your property.

Leading faults

A Network safety report suggested that there were five leading causes to powerline failures. These failures have caused eight (8) human injuries, killed six (6) livestock and caused one hundred and eighty-four (184) electrical shocks with no other injuries reported.  


Below are findings from most reported disruptions and failures since July 2018 to present.

  1. Failure on a hardwood pole
  2. Failure of overhead conductors
  3. Failure of wires
  4. Weather influenced distribution network

The MIG Difference

At Morris Infrastructure our team are highly qualified in carrying out inspections to test the integrity and condition of your powerlines looking for defects on all pole top hard wares.

Reduce the risk this storm season!

Here at Morris Infrastructure Group we offer 24-hour support call outs to remote and metropolitan areas around Western Australia.

The team at Morris Infrastructure Group hold a proven and solid track record in delivering quality infrastructure projects with a strong focus on safety and client satisfaction.

Wooden Powerline Network Distribution Pole