Network Distribution in Metro WA

Just shuffle.

If you’re within 8-meters of a fallen powerline. Don’t walk or run, shuffle your feet. 


By shuffling your feet (or keeping your feet close together) and not lifting them off the ground, will eliminate the electrical currents from a live fallen powerline to travel through your body.

Make sure you have the POWER this storm season!

As winter approaches electrical emergencies to overhead powerlines and distribution networks become prominent.

Whether it’s a fallen powerline or broken green dome with your vision and efforts to report we can eliminate the risks of electrical faults and emergencies this winter season.

Note: If you see a faulty, damaged or fallen powerline this winter remember to stay at least 8 meters away.

Causes of Overhead Powerline in winter

  • A build-up of dust interacting with misty rain instigate pole top fires
  • Debri blown onto live wires can cause reactions


Faults to overhead powerlines are also generally caused by

  • Interceptions of vehicles
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Contact from wildlife I.e. birds
  • Dramatic changes in weather conditions

Be storm ready!

  • Secure loose materials – strong winds could blow materials onto overhead powerlines which will cause a disruption to the power supply
  • Vegetation clearances – At all times there should be a 2.5meter wide by 2-meter-tall clearance by any vegetation and an overhead powerline
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times and note any faults or suspicious wires, poles and/or green boxes

Don’t let sparks fly this winter!

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