Safety in Local Councils

What makes your local council stand out from the rest?

Do you feel safe and secure in your local parks and streets?

As an individual you should have the confidence to feel safe and secure in your own home, street and overall local city and council.

What does safety mean to you and how can you be safer?

Safety refers to the condition and feeling of being protected. It can be achieved through adequate street lighting and CCTV surveillance along with other implemented security methods.

Park Lights

It’s a favourite for many families, retirees and in general the community but how much lighting and security surrounds your most loved nature scapes?

Benefits of LED Park and Streetlights

  • Energy and maintenance costs are lowered
  • Light is defused and distributed more evenly
  • Reduces glare, ensuring full visibility for drivers
  • Environmentally friendly


Close Circuit TV (most commonly referred to as CCTV) is a form of self-contained surveillance system comprised of cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities. Several local councils have implemented the use of CCTV technology in order to create a safer environment for residents.

Benefits of CCTV

  • Reduces the levels of crime by deterring potential offenders
  • Assists in the detection and improves response time to emergencies and crimes

Keeping Safe

Creating a safe and secure environment for residents is a priority for local councils. A sense of protection and security can be built by;

  1. Creating safe environments
    • Providing safe environments at parks and in streets through community watches, CCTV, local security/ rangers and more
  2. Surveillance and monitoring
    • Improve safety, emergency response time and crime monitoring
  3. Reducing anti-social behaviour
    • Monitoring drug and alcohol use to reduce harmful substance abuse

The team at Morris Infrastructure Group are qualified in installing CCTV systems and replacing lighting in your local council parks.

Morris Infrastructure Group are a market-leading company, priding themselves on honest, reliable services with safety and quality being at the forefront of each inspection and project carried out.