The Importance of Overhead Distribution Maintenance

Let’s discuss the importance of Overhead Distribution Maintenance also typically referred to as Overhead Networks or above ground powerlines.

Fact: It is quicker to find and repair faults in Overhead Networks compared to underground distribution services. 

Although overhead power lines are typically more economical, they are susceptible to damage from wind-borne tree branches, debris, high winds and other extreme weather conditions such as bush fires. The damages can cause extended power outages that in extreme cases cannot be restored for days or even weeks.

The cost of repairing the physical damages can be astronomical!


An Overhead Powerline is described as a structure used to deliver electrical power transmissions, distributing electrical energy across large distances.


During long outages after a catastrophe, there are also associated intangible impacts such as despair, discomfort and helplessness. In addition to the intangible impacts, there are considerable direct economic impacts to customers resulting in lost economic activity and food spoilage. These tangible and intangible impacts challenge the electric utility industry's attempts to justify the installation of overhead electric distribution and transmission systems.


At Morris Infrastructure Group the team are committed to inspecting and testing the integrity and condition of the powerline poles. The team take into account surrounding vegetation and ensure there are no hazards while inspecting and repairing the powerlines.

The importance of regular maintenance programs and inspections is paramount to try and reduce the impact it has on the public and to reduce the costs of rebuilding the network under fault conditions.

The team at MIG hold a proven and solid track record in delivering quality infrastructure projects with a strong focus on safety and client satisfaction.  

Morris Infrastructure Group are a market leading company priding themselves on honest reliable services with safety and quality being at the forefront of each inspection and project carried out.

Overhead Distribution Powerline Maintenance