Top Five Safety Tips from MIG

What does safety mean to you?

When it comes to working on-site, whether it be working on powerlines, residential or commercial electrics, the removal of asbestos or any of their other services, the team at Morris Infrastructure Group always have the safety of their employees and clients at the forefront of their minds. 


Safety in the workplace is ensured by the policies and procedures put in place to ensure all employees work in a secure and healthy environment.

Over the past four years our team has developed five safety tips to follow when completing a job.

Our Top Five

  1. Plan to stay safe – The team at Morris Infrastructure ensure proper planning and risk assessment is completed to limit and avoid hazardous situations.
  2. Clear communications – Many incidents occur because of poor communication or assumptions being made from incomplete information, so it is important to clearly communicate expectations and instructions.
  3. Safety is everyone’s responsibility – Don’t wait for someone else to act on a hazard. Every employee has the ability and responsibility to take action in an unsafe situation.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings – Whether it’s being mindful of vehicles and machinery or taking note of what tasks your workmates are performing, awareness is critical for safety.
  5. Be fit for duty – Drugs and alcohol have no place on the job, but stress and mental health issues can play a major role in the safety of yourself and your workmates. Stay sober and seek help when you need it.



It’s an important discussion and one that should be had frequently. At Morris Infrastructure Group we created and implemented an acronym focusing on our overall mission and values.  

Our Acronym









Never Switch Off

The team at MIG holds a proven and solid track record in delivering quality infrastructure projects with a strong focus on safety and client satisfaction.

Morris Infrastructure Group are a market-leading company, priding themselves on honest, reliable services with safety and quality being at the forefront of each inspection and project carried out.

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